We plan to open our renewable energy plant in August 2017 when it will generate around 41MW of green electricity which is enough to supply 78,000 homes and save over 150,000 tons of CO2 every year. It’s difficult to visualise how much that is but would look the same as 250,000 really big hot air balloons and the saving is equal to 1.75 million plane flights to Paris.



of green electricity



homes with energy

Saving over


tons of CO2 a year


Construction programme

Before we can start generating electricity there are several stages we need to complete. We have recently finished remediation and preparation of the site in order to lay the foundations for the power plant buildings, the largest of which will be the boiler house. Piling commenced at the end of July after which the concrete foundations were placed. Towards the end of 2015 the site will start to rise from ground level as the power plant equipment, boiler, turbine, generator and gas clean up and the wood fuel store are built. We also have to lay the cable that will carry the electricity generated to the national grid. This work started in June 2015 and will continue into 2016.


Construction timeline

Once everything is in place we then have an extensive testing and commissioning process to go through where we will ensure everything is in tip top shape and all the numerous safety features are working perfectly. We are then ready to generate first power and send our renewable energy to the national grid where it can be used across the UK.


Cable route

The route we are taking is approximately 2.8 miles long, leaving our site and joining the A6178 Sheffield Road at Ickles, it then travels westwards along Sheffield Road through Templeborough, past the Tata Steel works and the Magna Centre. It will pass under the M1 Motorway, in a service duct, at Junction 34 (South) and continues along the A6178 before turning north westwards along Vulcan Road to join Meadowhall Way. The cable will then head around Meadowhall Way running northwards, eventually crossing the River Don and then travelling southwesterly along Meadowhall Road, the A6109, to join the Northern Power Grid electricity substation at Wincobank.


Bridge Lift 2

Bridge lift over the River Don

The Templeborough Biomass Power Plant project continues to make rapid progress, not only has the skyline changed with the construction of the power plant, but now a new bridge has been installed across the River Don at the site.

Over the Bank holiday weekend of Saturday 28th to Monday 30th May the old bridge on the site of the Templeborough Biomass plant was lifted out and a new bridge was craned into position. The new bridge was lifted in as a single piece and weighs a mighty 153 tonnes and is over 49m long. The bridge had been assembled at the site during May by Reid Steel from Christchurch in Dorset.  The ‘Big lift’ took place overnight on 28th May with the old bridge being lifted out and transported away, the crane used for this lift was a Liebherr LG1750 and has a maximum height of 136m, there are only four of these in the UK. Click here to read the Press Release

Follow our progress

To see how we’re getting on follow the link to our time lapse camera 1 or time lapse camera 2.

Camera 1


Camera 2


Health and Safety

At Templeborough Biomass Power Plant, we and our contractors embrace the responsibility of creating a safe working environment. All our Contractor’s lead managers have signed the Templeborough Safety Pledge:

“This is our project and we believe that each person working on it deserves to come home from work every evening unharmed and together we share the commitment to make that happen by maintaining a safe site and looking out for each other’s safety”.

Callidus Health and Safety is the Principal Designer for the project operating under the new UK Construction Design Management (CDM) regulations 2015. Throughout this process we will work closely with the Health and Safety Executive to make sure our project and all our team achieve the highest possible Health and Safety standards. For more information please take a look at www.hse.gov.uk/eet/ which provides a brief overview of HSE’s regulatory approach and the challenges faced by renewable energy industries.

Planning and Consents

The project in its current configuration was granted planning permission on the 28 April 2014 by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council following consultation with the public and local stakeholders. The Environmental Permit was awarded by the Environment Agency on the 18 July 2014.

The links below provide details of the initial consent granted in 2010 and the amended consent granted in April 2014.  There have been further minor changes, discharge of conditions and non material amendments granted since April 2014 – please contact us for a full list.


Planning ref: RB2010/0668

Date: 09/11/2010

Construction and operation of a Biomass Energy Development incorporating two associated biomass combined heat and power (CHP) plants, two chimney stacks (30m and 40m in height) with a 200,000 tonne per annum wood pellet manufacturing process and associated infrastructure & landscaping works at former Firth Rixson Ickles Works Sheffield Road Templeborough Rotherham for Brite Partnership.


Planning ref: RB2013/1331

Date: 28/04/2014

Installation of a biomass energy development incorporating a 350,000 tpa wood pellet manufacturing process and an associated biomass combined heat & power (CHP) plant at Firth Rixson Ickles Works Sheffield Road Templeborough Rotherham.