We are a new industry in your community and we know that means we need to work hard to make sure our project brings as many benefits as possible.

Templeborough Biomass Power Plant understands the importance of their role in supporting and benefiting the local community. The development of new jobs in the area is one of these key benefits. During the construction phase over 350 people were employed by the contractors on site and this positive impact continued when we recruited permanent operations and maintenance staff for the plant. We employed 30 permanent people from the local area and region on a shift basis to cover the following roles:

  • Fuel Handler Team Leader
  • Fuel Handlers
  • Shift Team Leaders
  • Assistant Shift Team Leaders
  • Operations Technicians

If you have the skills and experience to become part of our team, please email us at info@templeboroughbiomass.com and we will put you in touch with the most appropriate of our contractors reflecting your skills.

We are working hard to spread our knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm within the local community:

  • Templeborough has joined the local Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce.
  • The Site team have developed a partnership with Rotherham College and are starting to welcome work experience placements from the college as well as taking classes on site tours.
  • Interserve are sponsoring Rotherham College’s football shirts.
  • Interserve team members contributed to a careers day at a local secondary school providing interactive sessions on a career in construction. The day involved 250 students.
  • We also ran an Insight Zone at the TeenTech event. Held annually at Doncaster Racecourses this is a day designed to inspire 300 students aged 12-13 from multiple local secondary schools that a career in science, engineering and technology is the future!
  • Two of the site team have volunteered to be TEKK Ambassadors. This involves partnering with a local school to help deliver a Challenge Project over a number of weeks with students aged 9 to 12 during the Spring term.

We are delighted that Stobart, our fuel supplier chose to buy a site at the old Council depot at Greasbrough Road. They developed this into a fuel processing unit ensuring the fuel supply chain stays as local as possible and any resulting employment opportunities are readily available to the local community.

All this new activity has other knock on effects as our team makes use of local businesses like catering, office supplies, taxis and house rental and other accommodation as well as buying some of our construction materials nearby – all of which supports the local economy.

We are also committed to working with local schools, businesses and community groups that have an interest in what we are doing.