The development of our Templeborough Biomass Power Plant is progressing well, we are pleased to say we are now ready for the first wood firing of the plant. This will enable us to test all the processes associated with wood firing and ensure everything is working as

This firing was planned to take place on Saturday 5th May, however we are now expecting it to take place over the weekend of 13th & 14th May or early the following week. We will use oil to bring the plant up to its full working temperature; this will take between eight and ten hours at which point we will introduce the wood. We’ll then burn the wood for a few hours, allowing us to test various systems in the plant, and when the tests are complete we will end the wood firing. We’ll then use a little more oil to burn out any wood that remains in the furnace leaving just ash for us to remove. Any exhaust gases generated through this firing will all pass through a bag filter removing any dust or other particles, which will be collected in our storage silo for us to dispose of later.