As Templeborough Biomass Power Plant enters into the final stages of commissioning, we wish to advise local residents and businesses of an operation known as ‘Steam Blowing’. Essentially this is required to ensure that all the steam pipework is clean prior to steam being sent to the electricity generating turbine.

We hope this extra information will keep you up to date with everything we’re doing and help explain a little more about the process of steam blowing. We carry out steam blows to ensure all the debris, dust and any other small contaminants from the construction of the boiler and all the pipe work have been cleaned out. This makes sure that the turbine will work safely and efficiently when we start operating the plant.

The steam blowing process is safe and is part of our normal commissioning process for the power plant, we have included some further technical and key information on our dedicated datasheet on ‘Steam Blowing’

The Environment Agency and Local Authorities have been notified and are aware of this planned event.